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Community Action for Better Housing (CABH) was incorporated in 1995 when it began to work with residents in New Bedford's South End and South Central neighborhoods. Our goals, as clearly stated in our Mission Statement, were simple and straightforward: "activities which will [improve] housing for persons of limited financial means without regard to religious affiliation [and] the promotion of better community relations."

To date, CABH has worked diligently with the City of New Bedford and the City of Fall River's Community Development Department in purchasing abandoned and blighted properties. To date, multiple buildings have been purchased with three structures being renovated into affordable multifamily housing, three properties were demolished, and a 6000 square foot corner lot conveyed to the city for use as a playground at Ruth and McGurk Streets.

In late 2000, CABH purchased and began managing a 26-unit single room occupancy (SRO) apartment building at 1168 Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford's north end. Talbot Apartments, as it is (now) known as, is a fine example of state and local cooperation in conveying financially distressed property to of local community-based organization such as CABH that will work hard at preserving this as long-term affordable housing. CABH works closely with the New Bedford Housing Authority who screen tenants for the sate rental vouchers that are available for roughly two-thirds of the apartments.

Also in late 2000, with funding in early 2001 from the Community Development Agency, CABH branched into Fall River with the same intentions of rehabbing potential homeownership stock and also, if the opportunity presented itself, acquiring, rehabbing and maintaining affordable rental stock.

Arlene McNamee is the Executive Director and was pivotal in establishing CABH in the beginning. Ed Allard is the program's current Project Manager, having come on board in 2001.

Most recently along with Talbot Apartments, CABH has undertaken some major building remodels. St. Anne's S.R.O was opened in 2006, and was a total rehabilitation of a old covent on the St. Anne's Church Property, that had become dilapidated, and dangerous. It is now managed by CABH, with wonderful clients in this 17 unit single room occupancy and a jewel of the neighborhood

In addition, we recently finished a huge project in rehabbing St. Dominic's into a 19 unit Elderly Low Income Housing Complex. Opening April of 2008, St. Dominic's has been a huge success in filling a client need in Fall River MA. Also under the management of CABH, St. Dominic was quickly filled and provided huge beautiful apartments for low income Elders in Fall River.

CABH has recently begun addressing the at risk, abandoned and foreclosed properties in South Eastern MA, and working with local governments purchasing these properties and revitalizing them, offering affordable housing. CABH recently had its first, First Time Homebuyers home auction for one of these properties in New Bedford, with hopefully more in the future.

CABH is always looking for partnerships into projects like this, and currently working on the amount of foreclosed and abandoned properties in both cities.

For more information please contact

Ed Allard
CABH Project Manager
New Bedford Office
(508) 997 - 7337


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