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January 14, 2016: Catholic Social Services has a NEW contact person for the CORI Department, as Cheryl Bedard has moved to another position at CSS.  Please send all requests for archives, CORI results, etc. to Kayla Costa at  Her office number is (508) 674-4681. 


April 30, 2014

  1. New Parish Annual Report Forms: There are now three versions of the annual report form, all posted on the website.  One is for parishes that only used the Basal Text Series (former Child Maltreatment Prevention Program); one is for parishes that only used the new Video Series; and one is for parishes that used a combination of the two.  Please select the appropriate form and return it to the Office for Child Protection by May 30, 2014.  Please note: If you have already submitted a report, you do not need to do another one. 

  2. Survey re: Safe Environment Video Series: As promised, there is also a survey regarding the new Video Series.  If you used that curriculum, please complete the survey and mail or fax it back to Debora Berg at CSS: 238 Bonney St, New Bedford, MA, 02744, Fax: 508 - 984 - 1667.

  3. Updated Code of Conduct Form: For those who were not aware, the Code of Conduct changed in September of 2013.  Please be sure to print out the updated form and use only that form when having people complete CORIs.  The Code of Conduct is now two-sided, with a statement and signatures on the second page.

As always, please contact the Office for Child Protection if you have questions.  Thank you!


12 August 2013

  1. Annual audit reports.  Many of the parishes have turned in their annual audit reports, but there are still many missing.  Please get those to CSS as soon as possible.  They were due at the end of June and the audit materials need to be prepared for our upcoming site audit.

  2. OCP Manual (2012).  If you did not get your copy of the OCP Manual, Second Edition (2012), please contact the Office for Child Protection (OCP) right away.  You can phone: (508) 674-4681 or email:

  3. New Video Series use!  Many DREs are asking if they can show the new video series in groups of grades, such as grades 1 and 2 together; grades 3 – 5 together, etc.  The answer is that the video series was not written to be used that way.  The videos were carefully chosen for each grade based on child development standards, and approved by the DRE Advisory Committee and the deans after serious discussion.  It would not be appropriate to show videos for several grades at one time. 

    Additionally, there would be no way to facilitate the discussion for each grade if two or three grades are all in the same room.  Please use the videos as they were intended to be used.  It is only one lesson per year and they should be shown to the designated age group only.  At the end of this school year, we will do an evaluation of the program and consider any suggested revisions.

  4. Site audits.  Please check the audit section of your OCP binders (Sec. 9) and review the required materials list that has been posted on the CSS website.  ALL parishes and schools should have all materials present (green books, Faith Formation curriculum, green posters, etc.) and displayed as appropriate.  This will ensure a smooth site audit process, as we know that the national auditors may choose to visit parishes and schools without much notice.  If you need materials, please contact the OCP.

  5. Database issues.  Please remember that if you are having difficulties with the database, you should contact Cheryl Bedard, CORI Coordinator, at (508) 674-4681 or  She is the administrator of the database and the local expert on working with the database. 

Thank you and as always, if you have questions, please contact Debora Jones at (508) 997 - 7337 or at


September 18, 2012

Some sites are apparently not aware of the Abuse Prevention Training Guide (lavender cover) and updated OCP training DVD, both of which were issued in October of 2010.  Anyone who is still using a VHS tape or who is using the DVD that existed before October of 2010 should immediately switch to the current DVD and training format.  The old ones are long out of date and do not contain all of the topics that are to be covered in the Abuse Prevention Training. 

Please note that while the DVD and format in the Training Guide are mandatory, the tests are not.  However, use of the tests is strongly encouraged, whether as a written test or select questions administered orally.  It is important to assess the learning that has taken place to ensure that trainees understand the required concepts. 

If you have any questions, or if you need a copy of the materials issued in 2010, please contact the OCP at (508) 674-4681 or at

Thank you for all you do to keep our children safe!


17 September 2012

Greetings to all trainers!

Please be aware that we have many updates to the website.  First and most importantly, there is a new CORI form that has been created by the CORI office in Boston.  It is the same form for employees, volunteers, and subcontractors, but CSS will still use different colors to distinguish the difference.  Please go to the Forms/Trainer Resources page and download the new form.

There has been another change, which is that the volunteer CORI will no longer change color.  It will remain blue permanently, which means you no longer have to worry about changing colors every calendar year.  Because of the consistent color, we will now require that all CORIs and training forms are sent in no later than the end of each calendar month in which trainings were conducted and/or CORI forms were completed.  CORI forms must be submitted in a timely manner to keep children as safe as possible and to ensure compliance with the Charter.  There are NO exceptions to this rule!

The following other new items have been posted on the website (all of this can be found of the Forms/Trainer Resouces page):

  1. New Code of Conduct
  2. Examples for new CORI and Code of Conduct
  3. New volunteer color information
  4. New RI Disclaimer
  5. New Training Feedback form (new questions)!
  6. New lists of required materials for parishes and schools
  7. New audit forms
  8. New audit schedule for audit years 2012 – 2015. 

Finally, for those DREs who could not attend the meeting in Taunton, new Child Protection Manual contents were distributed.  The entire green binder has been updated, so please contact the OCP to get your copy of the binder contents, the handouts, and all the exciting news.  You won’t want to miss a huge improvement that is coming your way soon!  (Educators, Kate Simpson will be bringing your binder inserts to your next meeting, but if you want to have them earlier, please contact the OCP.)

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact Debora in the Office for Child Protection at (508) 674-4681 or

Many blessings to you as we start this new school year!

Debora Jones



 Greetings to all those involved in the Diocese’s Safe Environment programs for children and youth.  The past year has brought a number of changes, from new forms and a new training format to an updated Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.  Change is rarely easy, but when it is combined with the many pressures of daily responsibilities, it can be even more of a challenge.

It is with this awareness that I write to express my sincere gratitude for your patience, dedication and persistence this year.  It is because of the work put forth by each of you that the children of our Diocese are safely navigating another year of childhood or adolescence.  Teachers faithfully prepare lessons; principals and DREs support and guide the teachers and pastors tend to the needs of their parish community, all in the interest of keeping children and families safe and healthy. 

We, as a church, are called to be the face of Jesus in the world.  One of the best ways we can do that is to engage in activities that prevent childhood or family trauma, and promoting safe environments is a key component of such preventative activity.  I hope that as some of you may experience frustration with the mechanics of doing this work, you never lose sight of the reason for what we do—the value of each life you impact. 

At this holy season, when we celebrate the birth of the most important child ever to grace the earth, let us take time to reflect on all that we have accomplished this year.  Children have been given vital information about Jesus and the gospel as well as personal safety.  Families have been supported and strengthened while others have faced pain and sorrow, but together, as family in Christ, we have grown.  Our journey of faith is a work in progress every day of our lives, but as long as we keep moving forward, doing our best and learning in the process, we are drawing closer to the Kingdom of Heaven.  I believe that makes our Heavenly Father’s heart leap with joy.

I hope that each of you will have some moments to spend alone with the Christ child, to reflect, worship and renew your spirit for the coming year.  I give thanks for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of people and wish you a blessed Advent, a joyous Christmas and the happiest New Year ever!

In God’s love,

Debra Jones

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