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The Office For Person with Disabilities or OPD provides advocacy and mediation services for those with disabilities, their relatives, and employees of the disability fields. We special in no particular type of advocacy or client we do it all. All ages, all ranges of disabilities all type of of cases. From IEP’s, Turning – 22, State Funding issues, issues with a local program, give us a call.

Whether you need a advocate/mediator for you job, your school, with local/state/federal services, or the Diocese itself we can do it. Everything from straight advocacy to mediation of issues. Additionally we can sit in on meetings and monitor conversation making sure they are in your best interests, following the law, even helping you make sense of the exchange.

Again, we will tackle any type of issue you might have, and have resources in the legal filed if that needs to be pursued.

Our sevices are free of charge.

For more information contact:

New Bedford Office
(508) 997-7337