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Office of Safe Environment

Office of Safe Environment

The OPD is part of a PCA Network within our service area. Need a PCA? A Surrogate? Want to work as one?

A PCA (Personal Care Attendant) is a person who comes to your home, and assists you with your daily living activities. Bathing, Toileting, House Cleaining, Cooking, Laudry, Mediation, even transportation to appointments can all be done by a PCA. The PCA program is sponsored by MASSHealth. To qualify for PCA services you must show a deficiency in your daily living activities which is determined by an MassHealth assessment. You are given hours based on the severity of the deficiencies. With those hours, you hire someone to come and assist you with those issues. Just about anyone can be you PCA, if you already have someone doing for you, and they are not getting paid, call us and we can help you apply for those services.

Contact us and depending upon where you live, we will refer you to the right assessment organization, even making the referral ourselves if need be.

Already approved and just looking for a good PCA? The OPD has a list of PCA’s we use for our program. All PCA’s we use are very skilled, very nice, dependable, and very trustworthy. A CORI process is completed on all our PCA’s and we check their references. Need a PCA? Give us a call. OUR PCA’S ARE LOOKING FOR HOURS!

The OPD will take on PCA Surrogacy cases and determined appropriate by our office. Do you need someone to monitor you PCA’s? Do the paperwork? Hire and Fire? We do that. We can take the stress of running your PCA program away from you, so you can just enjoy the services. If you want us to assess you case for surrogacy, please give us a call.

Are you a PCA? Looking got hours? We are always looking for committed high quality PCA’s to work with our numerous clients. Interested in becoming a PCA? You don’t need experience, just a good work ethic. Interested, contact our office through our employment page.

For more information contact:

Matthew Dansereau
Coordinator for the Office for Persons with Disabilities
New Bedford Office
(508) 997-7337

Dennis Canulla
Disabilities Advocate
Fall River Office
(508) 674-4681